R1 CASEIN (4 lbs) - 55 servings

R1 CASEIN (4 lbs) - 55 servings

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If you are after a slow-releasing protein powder formula that will guarantee you stay in an anabolic state all day long, R1 Casein is the protein powder for you. This protein powder is designed to optimise your muscle building potential and keep you satisfied for hours to come. Many people are fast to grab whey protein powder as their protein of choice without even realising all the many benefits that casein protein powder can have.

  • 25 gram slow-release protein per serving
  • Premium micellar casein
  • Amino acid delivery for up to 8 hours
  • Thick satisfying texture
  • Naturally-rich in all essential amino acids (EAAs)
  • ZERO Non-Casein Proteins
  • ZERO Creamers
  • ZERO Spiking
  • ZERO Fillers

  • Improved rates of protein synthesis, which helps you generate more lean muscle mass all day long.
  • Protection from muscle mass loss, especially while dieting when calories are kept low, and risk is high.
  • A delicious and satisfying beverage that will quench your hunger pains – those who use this product often report much greater appetite suppression than when using a whey concentrate alone.
  • A formula rich in all the essential amino acids so you can rest assured you’re giving your body exactly what it needs every time you use it.
  • No unwanted ingredients that can contribute to excess calories or unwanted toxins in your system.
  • No blends. This is 100% pure casein, not a mix of different proteins like many other casein products on the market are.
  • A powerful hit of calcium to help promote strong bone growth and development. This will help you keep yourself injury free and ward off stress fractures or bone breaks down the road.
  • A small dose of added iron to help prevent iron deficiency anemia. This is important for anyone who is looking to help maintain optimal energy levels and who is exercising hard.
  • Antioxidant support from the cocoa powder added to provide additional flavouring.

  • Tasty shake : Mix one (1) heaping scoop of R1 Casein with approximately 10-12 oz of water, milk or your favourite beverage in a shaker cup or glass with spoon.
  • Juicy smoothie : Add your favourite fruit and ice to the above, mixed in blender and enjoy!

  • Casein is best consumed at bedtime. Can also be used between major meals and before exercise.
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